Matt Linden, Developer of Custom Software Applications and Database Services

A distinct advantage to hiring Matt Linden is:

  • I am local
  • I speak human and code
  • I have multiple technology disciplines
  • I have been developing for years

With over 15 years experience in software development for businesses; I have developed a vast array of business line applications for the following Boston area organizations:

Sample Client List

Coca Cola, Sealy Mattress, Closettec, OE+, Sweet Metal Finishing, Street Smart Drivers, Boston Academy of English, 4 Sharp Corners, Bloom Bus Lines, Bath Fitter, Titus Engraving, Computer Escape, Ashbrook Real Estate, The Phia Group, LLC, A Zillion Homes, Elements VISTA, Electra, etc.

Industries Served

I have served the following industries: Healthcare, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Government, Manufacturing, Education, Technology,  Real Estate
I am a Certified Microsoft Partner, Intuit Partner, Windows Logo Tester, and an Application Certification Tester.

Commercial Applications

I have developed three commercially available applications for healthcare (Elements VISTA; A Homecare Software Application), pets (Argostrax; The Dog Trainer’s Business Management Software), government (MediRate; a Worker Compensation Claims Management Package for Municipalities).


I have been happily married for over 21 years, I have a remarkable son who is married to a wonderful girl, and I have three precious grandchildren.


I have interests in Travel, History, Music, Amateur Theatre, Dog Training, Gardening

My Company Information

Please visit my website to learn more about how I can help your business.

EZ DoesIt Software

or Call me at 774-501-2131

or Email me at matt@ezds.net

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